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pool c.jpg
pool 3a.jpg

Colours of Summer 


Personal project undertaken to broaden Photoshop skills and practice light adjustment and colour balance to create different atmospheres using the same base render on each image. The initial render created was the sunset render, which was a visual embodiment of the song  'Passionfruit' by Drake, trying to convey what the music might feel like depicted as architecture.


Cliffs of Vormir


Personal project undertaken to practice Photoshop skills and experiment with depth within an image and how that affects colour and contrast. This project was inspired by the film 'Avengers Infinity War' and its' fictitious planet Vormir that is always subtly illuminated by a very aesthetic solar eclipse.

fahaz m3.jpg
aurora m2.jpg

Heavenly Illumination


Personal project undertaken to further improve on Photoshop skills and practice 'photo bashing' technique to create context for the architecture of the building in vastly different environments using the same base render. A particular care has been taken with the composition of these images, to tell a story.

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